Sunday, September 5, 2010


So when I created this blog I wanted it to look pretty authentic. One of the templates gave me was for there to be a picture behind the blog. I liked that idea and one of the picture options (because I could not upload one myself) was the current picture that you see--a bull fighting ring. I thought this was appropriate because I was going to be going to Spain.

A picture of the bull fighting stadium from Giralda..

Well, this weekend I went to the top of Giralda, the large church bell tower at the center of town (more on this in a later blog). While at the top I looked to the west and saw the main bull fighting stadium in Sevilla. I thought that looked familiar. I came home and did some research and sure enough, the background picture of this blog is of the bull fighting stadium here in Sevilla.

A picture from the inside of the bull fighting stadium with Giralda in the background.

I thought that was pretty cool and thought I would share it.

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