Monday, March 14, 2011

Who's that? Mom, dad?

After a few fun weekend trips (Guadix/Castillo de la Calahorra, Skiing the Sierra Nevadas, and Gibraltar) I spent this past weekend relaxing before life picks up again. On Thursday I have some visitors arriving here to Spain...

Yes, my parents are boarding a jet plane and leaving the United States to come visit me, my brother, and my uncle, aunt and cousin. They arrive in Malaga on Thursday afternoon. I will pick them up and we will head straight to Algeciras for a few days, and then on Saturday we will eventually make our way to Sevilla for a few days. On Monday, we will head to Nerja, where my parents have rented a house. They will relax there, visit me in Motril, and we will also take a trip up to Granada and the Alhambra, and maybe even a trip to Castillo de la Calahorra (my mom really loved the pictures and asked if we could go see it).

It is going to be exciting and I am really looking forward to it!

Other than that, this past weekend was pretty low key. We went to Granada on Saturday for several hours and did some shopping and tapas. I actually bought something for the first time since Christmas, a new shirt and scarf. Here I am with Javier and Paco Saturday night:

Anyway, like I said, low key two weeks here before things get crazy with vistors. I am super excited for my parents, but life continues to get better when I get to take another one of these pictures:

Yes, my parents leave and a week later Rachel arrives for her SECOND visit. In a three week period I will have my parents and girlfriend visiting--talk about a lucky guy.

Anyway, that is all for now. Look for some good entries about my parents visit sometime next week. I will try and get them up as soon as possible, but as I learned over Christmas break when Rachel was here, it might not happen right away.

Good night from Spain!

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