Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Again, my blog has been put aside as I continue to enjoy my last couple of weeks here in Spain.

This is not the purpose of this post, but I do want to mention that this past weekend it was in the 80s each day, and sunny. This allowed Emily and I to go to the beach for 2.5 hours on Friday, and all three of us to go to the beach for almost 3.5 hours on Sunday. Sunday also had to be one of the clearest days to date. While sitting on the beach, the Sierra Nevadas were clearly visible, still covered in snow (although a lot less snow than four months ago). It was picture perfect. Although, the Mediterranean Sea is still rather cold, so I did not go in this weekend (I did go in a few weeks ago, so I am not a total wimp).

Also, I am hoping to start working on a few reflection pieces. I am down to my last 5 weeks here in Spain, and have started to think about what I have gotten out of this experience, and even some things I wish I could have done differently. Of course, that is the plan, and a lazy weekend in Motril the next couple of days should allow me to at least get one post up. So, look for that, but it might not be until Monday or Tuesday next week.

On to the purpose of this post: video.

While in Honduras, I was teaching full-time, 4 different classes a day. This allowed me to take a lot of video of me teaching, some of which you can see on my personal website in the Honduras section. Here in Spain, I have not done as much lead teaching, and I also haven't been so diligent in bringing my camera to school. Due to this, I do not have a Picasa folder full of videos and pictures like I did last year. However, my gym teacher, who is very tech savvy, and who does an awesome job with the kids, has video taped me doing some teaching in his physical education classes. Below is a video that he put together and published himself on YouTube. I did take my hard drive to school last week and copied and pasted a bunch of raw video, so in the future I hope to put together a video. I will also be bringing my camera to school the next few weeks, and hopefully get some more pictures and video. For now, enjoy the below video of me explaining, and "asessing," (the gym teacher speaks English very well, but some of you may catch that spelling error right away) the students.

***NOTE: In this video students correct their classmate's tests. I have never been a fan of allowing students to correct each other's tests, but we were in a time crunch and needed to get the entire process done. I personally won't do this in my future classroom.

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  1. I LOVE watching you teach!!!!!
    I can tell there is no central heat because of your coat and gloves on some of the students....