Friday, November 19, 2010

Hace frio? Nah, I am from Michigan…

Greetings from “cold” Motril, Spain, and by cold I mean I wake up in the morning and can see my breath while walking to school. That is in the range of the mid-40s. However, that changes to sunny and low to mid 60s during the afternoon…

Yet, that is cold to Spaniards, and while walking around you can tell that the “cold” season has hit. People have broken out their winter jackets, scarves, and hats. In fact, after academy class yesterday I was talking with Adriana (the other teacher) and while we were talking a mother of one of my 6-year-old students came into the building rather upset. She spoke some very fast Spanish with Adriana and I couldn’t keep up with the conversation. After she left Adriana said that the mother was upset because our students were waiting outside after class for their parents to come pick them up and it was too cold for the students to be outside—my guess it was about 55 degrees…

However, I plan on doing more traveling, and that traveling includes me going north, where it will actually be cold. As mentioned I already have plans to do so—London the first week of December! With that said, and my gradual displeasure of being identified as an American (I have nothing against being an American, but I’d rather not stick out like a sore thumb), I have decided that I will slowly make changes to my wardrobe. Last week I made my first change—the purchase of a man purse. Today I made the next step, and it is a much bigger step (and a more expensive one). I bought a new jacket.

What do you think? You can click on the pictures to make them larger and to get a better look at the jacket...

Emily and I went and ran some errands this morning and after we walked around and checked out jackets in several different stores. I wanted something more European (my other warm jacket I have here is a Northface that screams American) and I feel like I was very successful with my purchase. I had it down to two jackets of the same price—this one and another that looked more like a traditional pea coat. I chose this one because one, it looked more European, and two, it got two thumbs up from both Emily and Bern. Consider it a success.

The crazy neck warmer thing can be zipped out of the lining to give it more of the pea coat look:

I like it.

Either way, I am slowly but surely making progress towards my European transformation. Next on the docket for purchase—I don’t know, I better get some more money first…

Other then the shopping adventure today, this week has been rather dull. Classes have been going well, even though I do have my moments with the kids at my academy. In fact, my 6 year-old class became a little more difficult this week when a new student was put in the class. I don’t mind at all, but this new student is rather difficult to work with, mostly because he is 4 years old and can’t write. However, when I put the other students on a task and I have the opportunity to work one-on-one with the four year old, he repeats words perfectly after I say them. Thus I know he can do it, but he just needs more attention, which is difficult to do when I am trying to deal with 10 other hyperactive 6 year olds. Yet, it’s been a great experience working with those young guys (and one girl) as it is giving me a broader age range of experience.

Anyway, here are some more pictures of my students across the board.

My 12 year olds at the academy:

My 12 year olds at La Zafra.

I haven't snapped any pictures of my older group at La Zafra, so look for more student pictures down the road.

Catch you later!


  1. Like you need more coats. There are several in the closet downstairs here...... Can I get rid of them?

  2. Well, you take photos to the 1ºESO group and you dont take any photo to the 2ºESO group? I hope you take more photos!

    See you in La Zafra, máquina!

  3. the jacket is awesome.

    entiendes el internet aqui entonces no pude leer tu blog mucho pero estoy leyendo todos ahorita. y pienso que tenemos que hablar con skype cuando vuelvo a los estados y tendré internet rapidissimo. voy a seguir leyendo tu blog, solo quería decir que quiero una chaqueta como así tambien. es bien guapo, suave, gangsta, etc.

    regreso a los estados en 3 días entonces digame si vas a tener tiempo para hablar! cheque,