Sunday, November 7, 2010

Love. Live. Learn.

Why go? Why leave the comforts of your own culture, the people you love, the things you love, to go to a place that may be uncomfortable, difficult—some place different?

It has been a roller coaster of a week for me here in Spain. I have experienced pure joy when Rachel bought a second ticket to come visit me in April as well as when I was continuing to plan our vacation for when she comes in December.

I have also experienced extreme frustration with the Internet issues, the kids I am teaching English to here in Spain, and several other unmentionable circumstances.

I have experienced both pure joy and frustration in a single three-and-a-half period as well, while watching my Wolverines play a basketball style football game that they finally came out victorious in.

It is weeks like this when I need to bring myself back to the important things in life, the reasons why I am doing what I am doing, and the attitude I need to have while moving forward from these roller coaster weeks. I think anyone who has spent a decent amount of time living outside the country knows that it’s not always easy. Times get difficult. Sometimes you just want to be home in your own bed, be driving in your own car, pet your own dog, hang out with family and friends you love and care about, hold the girl you love. It is times like these that test your character, your attitude, and how you react and get through it.

The title of this entry is love, live and learn. This has been a week that epitomizes those three words for me, which has been my adopted phrase this year—from my time in Honduras to now.

Love people, love life, love everything. With this attitude alone perspectives can change and an overhaul of a poor attitude can be done. Often easier said then done, but acknowledging it is a start.

Live life to the fullest (TRD). Take every opportunity given to you and seize each day.

Learn little things about yourself. Learn big things about yourself. Learn about other people. Learn from people. Learn about other cultures…and learn that culture’s language (I am slowly but surely improving…)

Take this entry with a grain salt.

Go Blue.


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