Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Goodbye Spain, Hello England...

If you were expecting another long, thought out post, you aren't going to get it from me today. Instead, you are going to get one giant "WOOHOO!" and an itinerary because at this time tomorrow I will be in Malaga waiting to board my flight to London where I will be spending the weekend.

I will have plenty to say, as well as pictures, upon my return Monday afternoon. So, look for that long, well thought out blog post the middle of next week. Though, it may have more pictures than actual words. Why you may ask? Because I love history, and since everything in London is history, I will have pictures of everything.

My itinerary.

Leave for Malaga from Motril around 4, arriving in Malaga around 6
Flight leaves Malaga at 10:10 PM
Flight arrives in London at 11:55 PM
Take train into the city from airport and make my way to my friend Lauren's flat: ETA: N/A (hopefully by 1:30 AM?)

Catch bus to Stonehenge at 8:10
Arrive at Stonehenge at some point thereafter (estimate bus ride to be about an hour, hour and a half?)
Walk around and take many pictures of Stonehenge
Arrive back in London mid-afternoon
Walk around London the rest of the day, including going and picking up my "London Pass"

Mad sight-seeing around London, all day.

"No, the REAL London Bridge, not the game silly..."

"Exactly... wait what? That isn't the bridge the song is about?... Well, it's still a bridge in London..."

Mad sight-seeing around London, all day.

Catch train to airport extremely early (4:30?)
Flight leaves London at 6:35 AM
Flight arrives in Malaga at 10:30 AM
Catch bus back to Motril (maybe walk around Malaga if I have the energy?)

Saturday and Sunday are going to be crazy days for me (they actually are going to all be crazy days for me, but these two in particular are when I am actually seeing the city...). Anyway, I bought this thing called the "London Pass." I am hoping it will be worth the investment because it cost me 70 Pounds, which is 85 Euros, which is 111 US dollars. This pass can get me into 55 different monuments and museums across London, as well as gives me unlimited "tube" (subway) and bus usage for those two days. I also found out that it includes the River Thames boat ferry, which means I can get on and off the ferry up and down the River Thames as many times as I want (to see sights that are located up and down the river of course). I chose to buy this pass because I figured, with my intention of booking it around the city and seeing as much as I could, I would get my moneys worth. I hope to keep a tally of how many of the 55 things I can use the pass for and then afterwards calculate and see if it was worth the investment. From my understanding, the ferry and the unlimited tube and buses is a pretty big score. But most of the other places on the list have an entrance fee of 8-25 Pounds (so I think it will be worth it). Oh, and it also lets me skip lines.

Anyway, I am super excited for this trip, and I want to thank my friend Lauren (and her husband, who is unfortunately back in the States) a head of time for hosting me for the next couple of days. She is coming to Stonehenge with me, so that should be a great time!

Well, the next time you'll hear from me there will be a flood of pictures and excitement jumping out of this blog.


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  1. The real London Bridge is in Lake Havasu City, AZ now.