Thursday, December 16, 2010

SAT Comparison

A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with Alfonso, the history teacher I work with at La Zafra, about the Barcelona versus Madrid soccer game. He asked who I was going to cheer for and I told him how my rooting interests depend on what the rooting interests are of my students. I went on to tell him that my students in Honduras were all big Barcelona fans, so to have fun with them and spite them I told them I was a Real Madrid fan (this was actually true, however, after paying closer attention to the players on both teams after living here in Spain, and the attitude of those players (cough Ronaldo, who is a punk) I am beginning to become a Barcelona fan…). I then talked about how I thought it was interesting that the students in Honduras followed Spain so closely, and how when I even asked some of my students where they wanted to go to universtiy many of them said Spain (rather than the United States). Alfonso and I then discussed why this was, and it was a pretty simple answer: Honduras was settled by the Spanish and was a Spanish colony for a couple of hundred years, Spain is their culture (fused with the native’s culture too), and their “motherland,” if you will. Because of this my students in Honduras felt a special connection to Spain and had almost a romanticized view of the country.

Spain is to Honduras as Great Britain is to the United States, making my visit to London this weekend that much sweeter.

I have been “busy” this week and have been trying to recover from my crazy weekend of seeing London, so I haven’t been feeling too motivated to sit down and write an entry. However, my plan is to pass my time on Saturday by writing about my adventures (Saturday is going to be a very long day since it is the day before my lovely girlfriend Rachel arrives here in Spain… I will need something to pass the time…)

So, look for a detailed post this weekend!


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