Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Last Day of School.

First, video:

Second, pictures of gifts:

One Motril Football (soccer) Club jersey, one photo printed t-shirt of Rachel and I dressed in flamenco apparel, a ruler with a personal message written from a student, a mug with a picture of Rachel and I with students from my first eso course (7th grade), a card signed by all of my students from first eso, a map of Spain where each province is a student's name in my second eso course (8th grade), a notebook with written messages from each of the students in my second eso class, a card made by a student and a container full of "dreams."

I was totally surprised and had a lot of fun. What a great year with these kids and I am going to miss them all!


  1. Hello Tad! I'm Lola! :D What's up? This post is fantastic!
    We miss you a lot...
    I hope you talk with us on Facebook and Gmail!
    And I wish you will work in the school in United States :)
    See you!

  2. What a nice surprise!!!!Fun to see and watch.

  3. And the video it's beautiful!! (but we sing very bad...)