Thursday, June 9, 2011

Quarter of a Century. Yikes.

Monday was my 25th birthday, and it was also the second year in a row that I have celebrated my birthday outside of the United States. Last year:

This year:

That is me sitting on the beach in Bolonia, Spain. It has become a frequently visited place for me while here in Spain, with Monday marking my fourth time there (once with my uncle, aunt and cousin back in August, once with them and Jay back in January, once with them and my parents in March, and again Monday). Emily accompanied me this time around; she came to Algeciras with me to celebrate my birthday with me and my family. It was an extremely relaxing day with the afternoon spent at the beach and an easy going night at my aunt and uncles home. Emily even made me a apple pie! A great birthday here in Spain and another one that I'll never forget.

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