Monday, August 30, 2010

Hot. Very, Very Hot.

I lived in Dallas, Texas for a couple of months last year. I moved there in the middle of August and there is one thing I learned very quickly—it is hot there. Almost a year later I have moved to Spain and will be studying in Sevilla for the next 4-weeks. Again, I have learned something very quickly—it is hot.

That's me walking around Sevilla.

Since arriving here in Sevilla last week the day temperature has not been less then 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This was okay last week when I was being put up in an air-conditioned hotel by CIEE. However, I have now moved to my host Senora who does not have air conditioning and I have rapidly needed to adjust to living in a room whose temperature does not drop below 85 degrees (that is a low guess…)

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My specific location in Sevilla -- c/ Feria 150, 2

Speaking of my host Senora—I am officially moved in to where I will be living during my 4-week Spanish class. I am placed with a woman, who I guess, is in her 60s—Concepcion. I am also not the only CIEE teacher placed with her. Steven, a recent graduate of Alabama, resides in a room just down the hall from me and together we have had a great time with our Senora over the last couple of days. However, as mentioned, it’s been difficult for both of us to adjust to the heat and lack of air-conditioning, from waking up in the morning sweating to being outside in extreme heat and walking into extreme heat once we enter our house. However, we have both decided we are going to make the best of it and are really looking forward to the next 4-weeks.

Along with Steven there is also a girl from Germany living in our long hallway. Alex arrived Saturday night and will also be studying Spanish over the next 4-weeks . She speaks not only German, but pretty good English and Spanish and is hoping to start Italian at her university this fall. I put her on the list of Europeans I know who can speak multiple languages and at least two fluently. This continues to be the one thing that amazes me about the Europeans and I feel lingual-inferior (not sure if that works but its true…) because of my monolingual background. Hopefully that changes in the next 4 weeks…

I have a lot to write about over the next couple of days. From spending all day yesterday in Cadiz at the beach to the Flamenco show we went to last week during orientation. Check back tomorrow.


  1. I would trade you in a heartbeat and take on the heat for a BEAUTIFUL house in Spain. Sounds like paradise.