Monday, August 16, 2010

I have a crank in my neck...

I made it! The trip started with an awesome fly over of Chicago as I flew towards Philly. I hadn't done this before and I was able to look out the window of the airplane and not only see an awesome view of the city, but also see the west and east coastlines of Lake Michigan at the same time. There was also an air show going on just north of the city and you could see the smoke trails of the stunt planes that were performing. That was pretty cool.

I arrived in Philly with just enough time to grab a sandwich at a deli in the airport and eat before I boarded my 7 hour flight to Madrid (which is like a 13 hour flight because of the 6 hour time difference). This was a transatlantic flight, and the first one I have ever taken. However, although it may be transatlantic, the room you have on those planes are less than the room you have on many domestic flights. In fact, I couldn't even shove my backpack under the seat (not because it was overpacked, but because there was some sort of contraption under all the seat that left limited room for storage). I eventually gave up on it sitting at my feet and put it in the storage area above me. Eventually I got tired (along with everyone else on the plane) and tried to get some sleep. This was awful. I was sitting in the aisle seat so I didn't have the window to lean on, so my head was constantly being swayed back and forth. Add that to little leg room and the women behind me who was pushing against my seat, which would un-recline it, I wasn't too successful in getting a good night sleep. By the time people began to wake up and the flight attendants turned the lights back on to serve us our small breakfast my neck killed.

Although we had sat on the runway for over an hour in Philly before taking off for Madrid (we were number 24 in the que) we arrived in Madrid on time and I had 2 hour and 40 minutes to get my bags, get through customs and get to a different terminal to catch my domestic flight to Malaga. All went well and I made it to Malaga (after one of the more turbulent flights I've ever had) where my uncle was waiting. I hopped in the car and we drove back to Algeciras where we grabbed some lunch. More on that and my new goal to try fish (not necessarily seafood... yet) tomorrow.

Anyway, I am exhausted from my travel day(s) and it is 11:30 PM here so I am turning in for the night. More later.

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